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Working closely with Consumers’ Associations and Consumer Lab, a number of projects have been undertaken to create products and services specifically for certain categories of customers, such as the elderly and disabled.
The goal of this accessibility initiative is to make the use of our website possible for a growing number of visitors, including above all persons with disabilities or with special cognitive problems, or users of certain forms of hardware (such as handheld computers) or older software (such as out-of-date browsers).

In line with this approach, our website has been made accessible in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • From the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) for the programming in general;
  • From the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) for accessibility to the websites.
Using the WAI guidelines, these problems have been addressed and solved:
  • Persons with physical and motor problems, who may have difficulty using the keyboard;
  • Persons with vision problems who may have trouble seeing or selecting certain colors;
  • Elderly persons Persons who do not have the latest-generation hardware or software.

Access keys
The pages on our site have been designed to enable navigation without a mouse, using only the keyboard. The principal links to navigation can be opened by the following combinations of keys (“access keys”).

  • Home                     Alt + H (Enter)
  • About US               Alt + A (Enter)
  • About the Group   Alt + P (Enter)
  • Investor Relations    Alt + I (Enter)
  • Our Values             Alt + O (Enter)
  • Media Area             Alt + E (Enter)
  • Accessibility           Alt + T (Enter)
  • Site map                 Alt + M (Enter)
  • Contact us              Alt + C (Enter)
  • Versione Italiana      Alt + V (Enter)
  • Credits                    Alt + D (Enter)
  • Terms & Conditions Alt + S (Enter)
  • Prospectus             Alt +  U (Enter)

The images, multimedia elements and graphs have been described using “Alt tag” to enable those who are unable to view the images (for example: aid devices) to access an alternative description and be able to make use of the contents.

Our most recently opened branches are equipped with the following:

  • An access ramp (temporary or permanent) wherever necessary;
  • Dedicated access systems (sliding doors or lifts);
  • Completely accessible areas open to the public;
  • Lower teller windows and fully accessible consultancy desks;
  • Reserved rest rooms.

We are also working to improve access in all our banks, wherever technically possible, to make entering and exiting an easy matter.  

Our ATM machines all have the following, to facilitate use:

  • Braille keyboard;
  • Colored Confirm and Cancel keys.

Wherever possible, our ATM machines have been installed at a height enabling wheelchair access.  

Direct Banking
People with seeing disabilities can access the telephone banking service called Paschi In Tel and operate on their accounts by using “security cards” printed in Braille.  

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Apple Quicktime

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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Last update 01.09.2013