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The Bank’s publishing activity began in the late nineteenth century, with the publication of the Statutes or Chapters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, and continued with the monumental history of the institution in nine volumes by Narciso Mengozzi. It went on to develop significantly, especially in the second half of the twentieth century.
During all this period, the bank’s editorial decisions have always been based on two criteria: first, close attention to the scholarly rigor of the contents and the quality of the works, and second, a prevalent interest in topics pertinent to the territory and communities with which it is in most direct contact.
The brief summaries presented here, while limited to just some of the most important publications issued since 2000, bear ample witness to this, offering to the attention of experts and the wider public a wealth of documents and images distinguished by their high quality and their contribution to knowledge.
Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank is proud of its publishing activities, as evidence of our vocation to promote and support cultural activities—a vocation that takes concrete form, as is well known, in direct support to initiatives in the visual arts and music proposed by institutions of recognized national and international prestige and in direct ownership of cultural properties of inestimable value.

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Vita in villa nel senese


Edited by LUCIA BONELLI CONENNA and ETTORE PACINI - Pisa, Pacini, 2000 - Quarto, 575 pp., 523 illustrations in black and white and (prevalently) in color. Clothbound; illustrated plasticized dust jacket.

A simple glance over the table of contents can yield a precise idea of the interdisciplinary breadth of this book, born of the collaboration between the most highly qualified historians and naturalists in their respective fields.

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Uomini e monete in terra di Siena

Pisa, Pacini, 2001 - Quarto, 303 pp., with numerous color and black-and-white illustrations.

In "Uomini e monete in terra di Siena", Silvana Balbi de Caro conducts an in-depth historical analysis of metal mining and the production of coins as early as ancient Rome, going on to investigate Siena in the Middle Ages and to describe aspects of daily life connected with money...





Sotto il Duomo di Siena

ROBERTO GUERRINI (editor), in collaboration with MAX SEIDEL: SOTTO IL DUOMO DI SIENA (UNDER SIENA CATHEDRAL) - Milan, Silvana Editoriale, 2003
Quarto. 221 pp., profusely illustrated in color and black and white, charts and drawings. - Clothbound; plasticized illustrated dust jacket; illustrated cardboard slipcase.

Presented in the lecture hall of Rocca Salimbeni on 4 September 2003 to a crowd of scholars and professionals, this volume was immediately well-received, emerging as the principal...

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Scultura gotica in Toscana

ROBERTO BARTALINI: SCULTURA GOTICA IN TOSCANA. Maestri, monumenti, cantieri del Due e Trecento (GOTHIC SCULPTURE IN TUSCANY. Masters, monuments, building sites of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries) - Milan, Silvana Editoriale, 2005. - Quarto, 374 pp., profusely illustrated in color and black and white.
Clothbound, plasticized illustrated dust jacket.

This work represents his most up-to-date findings in a specialized research into this topic—with particular attention to the artists formed in Siena...

Pio II e le arti

ALESSANDRO ANGELINI (ed.): PIO II E LE ARTI. La riscoperta dell’antico da Federighi a Michelangelo (PIUS II AND THE ARTS. The rediscovery of classical antiquity from Federighi to Michelangelo) - Milan, Silvana Editoriale, 2005 - Quarto, 607 pp., profusely illustrated in color and black and white. - Clothbound, plasticized illustrated dust jacket.

Alessandro Angelini has taken an admirable interdisciplinary approach to the task of exploring the fecund relationship between Pope Pius II and the arts, in a deeply-felt interaction that...

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