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Internet Banking
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Internet Banking
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The Bank About the Group Sustainability Careers

About the group

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in 1472 is considered to be the oldest bank in the world. Today’s parent company of Italy’s third largest banking group, the bank holds significant market shares in all areas of business.

MPS domestic distribuzion network

The Montepaschi Group  is present all over Italy and in the major international financial centres, with operations ranging from traditional banking activities to Private Banking (mutual funds, wealth management, pension funds, and life insurance policies) and Corporate Banking (project finance, merchant banking, and financial advisory), with a special vocation for household accounts and small and medium enterprises.

MPS worldwide presence

The objective of the Group is the creation of value over time for all stakeholders, giving priority to customer satisfaction, personal professional development, shareholders’ interests, and the territory of reference. All this is pursued through an established, shared system of values based on: 
  • A responsibility ethic
  • Orientation towards the customer
  • Attention to change
  • Entrepreneurship and productivity
  • Professional competence
  • Team spirit and cooperation 
A characteristic trait of the Gruppo Montepaschi is its union of the pursuit of its goals of growth and creation of value, proper to any market-oriented business, with the value system expressed by its base territory and communities, a consequence also of the deep roots put down in the community by the banks that are a part of it. In this sense, the Group promotes a strategy of innovation in support of development, characterized by a proactive role focused on the promotion and stimulation of new opportunities for its clientele and for the areas where it maintains a presence. 

Information, skills and knowledge are placed at the disposition of individuals, businesses, trade associations, and local and national public agencies engaged in projects of aid and stimulus to business development, as well as in finance projects which form the basic conditions for growth.